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Imagine this...

You are happy.
You are loved.
You are confident.
You love you husband.
He loves you back.
You don't remember the last time you fought.
You work as a team in raising the kids.
In-laws no longer create anxiety in you.
You have friends and hobbies.
There will always be issues but you know how to handle them like a PRO now.
Your emotional health is SUPER!

Relationships, taken care of. Now, you can focus on your life and goals. 
What excites you? What is your purpose on earth? 
Time for you to shine!

Yes, it is possible!

 In fact, it is every human's basic right to have belonging and happiness. 

"There is compelling evidence pointing out that stress and depression produce a dramatic impact on human well-being mainly through impairing the regular function of the immune system and producing a low-chronic inflammation status that favors the occurrence of infections, metabolic diseases, and even cancer."

No, thank you! We don't want that. Our health is the single most important thing that allows everything else to be possible. So, we are going to do everything to keep us physically and mentally fit and we don't need your husband for that. He will follow suit, you'll see.

Are you with me?

What to expect out of coaching with me ... 

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I provide online coaching so you can get coached right from the convenience of your home.

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No matter, where you are in your marriage, I will guide you every step of the way.

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Every marriage is different. Different cultures, values, and upbringing create a unique atmosphere in each home. I customize my coaching to fit your household.

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I will be your number one coach-cheerleader in creating your ideal life.

“Priyanka has helped me grow into my best self in many ways. She is so understanding and holds a very safe space. It is a blessing to receive coaching from Priyanka. She guided me on the right path to creating a beautiful marriage.”
- Tsippi Harris


There's more!

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Three Month Program: Within 2 weeks, you will see a change in your relationship. Over a course of 12 weeks, we will change up a lot of things in your marriage!

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Weekly 45 Minute Sessions: We will connect via Zoom every week for 45-60 minutes.

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Homework: I will give you actionable homework that you can implement to practice what you have learned.

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Email Support: Between our coaching calls, if any issue arises, you can email me to get support.

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Accountability Check-ins: As your coach-cheerleader, I will be there to ensure you are getting the most out of our sessions and taking the necessary steps to achieve your desired goals.

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Renewal Discounts: The sooner you come, the easier and quicker to resolve your problems. Sometimes, it may take longer based on how much damage is done. In those cases, I offer renewal discounts, if you wish to continue 1:1 coaching.

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Follow-up Calls: Our journey doesn't stop with the program. I provide follow-up calls to check on you.

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BONUS: At the end of the 12 weeks, I offer an extra month of email support!

If you're looking for a coach who truly cares that you succeed and will never leave you hanging, you will love working with me. 


Are you ready to immerse in this
life-changing journey with me?

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Marriage Coaching

I offer an online marriage coaching program tailored to to help women build strong and healthy relationships. Leveraging an experience-based approach, this personalized program includes relationship assessments, communication skill-building, conflict resolution strategies, and premarital counseling. 

My commitment extends beyond these services, providing essential resources and support for every step of your marital health journey. Women gain access to expert guidance, invaluable feedback, and the skills necessary to navigate relationship challenges. Enrich your partnership with the knowledge and support needed for a meaningful, lasting bond. 

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Relationship Coaching

My online relationship coaching empowers clients to conquer challenges and nurture fulfilling relationships. Through a hands-on approach, I guide you in building self-awareness, mastering communication, and honing conflict resolution skills. for a meaningful, lasting bond. 

Unlike traditional advice-based methods, we collaborate to tackle your unique relationship hurdles. This journey fosters deeper self-understanding and relationship insights, enhancing communication and conflict management.

Such collaboration not only strengthens bonds and trust but also leads to more effective, personalized solutions for lasting relationship improvement. My role is to support and guide women in transforming their relationships. With my coaching, you'll take control, fostering the partnership you've always desired.

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Life Coaching

At the heart of a fulfilling life lies the art of self-love and acceptance. As your life coach, my primary role is to guide you on this transformative journey. Embracing yourself, flaws and all, is not just about personal peace; it's the key to enriching every relationship you have.

A positive self-relationship is a powerful foundation. It allows you to interact with others from a place of strength and authenticity. When you understand and appreciate your own worth, you naturally foster healthier, more genuine connections. My coaching focuses on nurturing this self-relationship. Through personalized strategies and supportive guidance, you'll learn to cherish who you are, enhancing not just your life, but every relationship in it.

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Join me in unlocking the power of joyful relationships. 
Together, we'll nurture the skills and understanding necessary to create and sustain the relationships you deserve.

Online Relationship Coaching




What is relationship coaching, and how does it differ from couples therapy?

Coaching and therapy are both forms of support designed to help individuals or couples improve their relationships. Counselling looks at how past experiences influence the present, using established methods to explore these impacts. Coaching, on the other hand, recognizes the past but focuses on setting goals, taking actions and using diverse techniques from different fields to shape a better future.


Can relationship coaching help with both romantic and non-romantic relationships?

Definitely! Wherever there are humans, the same principles of connection apply. Whether it is your relationship with your spouse, parents, children, siblings, extended family, in-laws, work, neighbors or even yourself – all benefit from Relationship Tools and Mind Training.


How long does it typically take to see improvements in a relationship through coaching?

Initial improvement can be seen as early as two weeks. But, overall, the longer you have carried the issues, the more time it takes to untangle them. 3-6 months is a good time to see more lasting changes.


What should I expect in a relationship coaching session?

In the 12 online zoom calls, we review the previous week and address issues that need to be worked on. In our hour long call, I explore your situation and give you examples and tools to empower you. At the end of the call, you get practical homework to implement during the week before our next session. In between the calls, I am available for email support. You will cry, you will laugh, you will learn, you will grow, you will change your life! Come let’s go!


What role will the coach play in helping me improve my relationships?

As a coach, I identify the struggles and patterns in your relationships. Then, I provide specific tools to target these struggles with theory, examples, and practice. It is an action-oriented program so you implement what you learn to get closer to your desired results.

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