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Online Relationship Coach

An Online Marriage / Relationship Coach for the Modern Relationship

Stuck in your relationships?



Communication problems?

Parenting Issues?


Overwhelmed and exhausted?


Lack of trust?




I am a certified Laura Doyle Relationship Coach with the Six Intimacy Skills that address the above and many more situations that happen in marriages.


First, let’s first see what are the effects of unhappy marriages and relationships.


  • Your mental health suffers.

  • Your physical health suffers.

  • Your social life suffers.

  • Your work life suffers.

  • Your ability to make money suffers.

  • Other relationships suffer.

  • You are not a good example to your kids and they may carry your baggage.

  • You don’t meet the purpose of your life in the midst of all the above.



This is where I come in.


As a Relationship Coach for women, I will work with you to figure out what is stopping you from having the kind of relationship that you want. I will show you simple solutions to your most painful relationship problems. I will show you the Six Intimacy Skills, simple but mighty, that will allow you to address all the above issues. You will have your own toolbox for life that you can rely on to live your best life.


I will help you clear the clutter from your brain. 80-90% of the thoughts people have daily are the same they had the day before, yet, they are hoping to create a new life. To have a different life, to have a better life, something must change. I will point out your blind spots and the old patterns you are repeating in thoughts and actions that are giving you the same results you don’t want.


I will show you how to manage your emotional reactions, so you don’t self-sabotage your results. You will increase your self-awareness so you can make better choices.


You will no longer feel like a victim. You will not be at the mercy of your surroundings. You will see choices. You will see all the power you have, all the possibilities you have.

Together, we will work to create a better version of you and a better version of your life. Remember, you need to change something to change your life. Come, join me in this journey and let’s figure out what needs to change.


Are you ready? 

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