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Live your best life.
Refresh your relationships.


"I help women create joyful, connecting marriages."


About Me

Hi, I'm Priyanka. I am a certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach who helps clients create happier marriages and lives. I specialize in the skills needed to develop fun, connecting and supporting relationships. Good relationships don't happen by chance - there are skills that make them happen. I have learned from the best -- Brooke Castillo, founder of the Life Coach School and Laura Doyle, founder of Laura Doyle Relationship Coaching. With all the experience from my training, coaching clients and personal experiences, I have a thorough understanding of how people come in their own way of having their best lives and what they could do to create a life that is in alignment with their dreams. 

The most exciting part of my coaching is that you don't need anyone else to create that change. You are enough. You have the power to create happiness around you and build relationships you are longing for. You just need a little guidance to step into your power. Being a Yoga teacher allows me to help people stretch their bodies and being a Life Coach allows me to help them stretch their minds to create space for a life they desire. 



Getting coaching from Priyanka was the best thing I could have done for my marriage. Each call was focused and helped me make positive changes in my relationship. I am so grateful for Priyanka's guidance and listening ear!

I would highly recommend Coach Priyanka to anyone who is hoping to improve their relationship. It is truly priceless to be taught the skills that can transform your marriage.


​  - Thalia Londgren

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